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Ask the Candidate

Are you wondering where I stand on current hot button issues facing our school system?  Here are some of my thoughts, ideas, and positions on some of the most current educational subject matter topics relating to our school community.

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1.  What are your top priorities for Charles County Public Schools?

A:  I am an advocate for equitable solutions for all students, teacher advocacy and supports, increased community and family engagement, and transparent and open communication.

2.  What are your ideas for improving equity in our schools?

A:  Some of my priorities for improving equity would include ensuring that a qualified Diversity & Inclusion Specialist is hired as was recommended last Spring by the newly created Task Force on African American Employee Experiences.  The role of this position should include development and implementation of an Equity & Inclusion Training Program for staff and teachers.  Another suggestion that I would like to bring to the Board is to shift focus of recruitment of teachers and staff to more diverse geographic areas within our own region, including Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU's) and other areas with a population more similar and reflective to that of the demographic make up of Charles County Public School students & families.


3.  What are your thoughts on addressing the teacher shortage and improving retention in CCPS?

A:  Increasing teacher salaries in Charles County to remain competitive with neighboring counties and fields with similar qualifications is a must.  We must also provide necessary supports to teachers in the form of mentoring, coaching, and collaboration opportunities with peers.  We must also focus on support from leadership and ensure that all school administration operate with an open door policy for feedback, requests for support, and constructive criticism.

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