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Advocacy is not a new concept for Ms. Kreamer

The lone speaker at the March 2021 Board Meeting (as highlighted in green and italicized in an excerpt from the Board Meeting Notes below), Ms. Kreamer advocated for the Class of 2021 graduating class and expressed frustration and disappointment in the manner in which their senior class celebrations had been handled. Ms. Kreamer called upon the Board to act and ensure an in person graduation to bring some kind of normalcy and celebration back to what had been such a disheartening year for Charles County Seniors. You can view her full speech on the CCBOE Youtube channel:

Board Meeting Notes for March 9, 2021

The Board of Education of Charles County met in person on March 9 for its regular monthly meeting. Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) streamed the session live. Watch the March 9, 2021 meeting. Addressing student learning needs Superintendent Kimberly A. Hill reminded the Board that next week marks one year since CCPS closed schools due to the growing concern over the spread of COVID-19. The Superintendent said while some children have thrived in the virtual setting, others have not. CCPS will provide additional programs over the next three years to address student learning needs. She thanked teachers and staff for the work they are doing to ensure the safe return of students starting March 22. Hill also updated the Board on a recent vote by the Maryland State Board of Education to waive state assessments for all students this school year. Read the complete report. Disrupted learning Members of the instructional leadership team presented a three-year plan to extend learning opportunities for students. The additions include summer programs, such as summer school, summer boost, special education offerings and enrichment offerings. Additionally, the plan calls for school-based extended learning programs like tutoring and intervention within the school day. Schools will use a screening tool to determine needs and offer services, which will give priority to students with need and connectivity issues. Read the report here. Spring sports underway Executive Director of School Administration Marvin Jones, along with Jennifer Smith, athletic director at St. Charles High School, and Steve Lee, coordinator of student activities, outlined the return-to-play start-up plan implemented at the beginning of March. The group explained its work leading up to opening with spring sports as well as the options for some in-county competitions and preparation for fall and winter sports. Read the report. Student voices on committees Student Board Member Ian Herd presented the Board with a resolution calling for the expansion of the number of Board committees to include a student member. The resolution states, "A student member on each of the Board's committees will improve the collaborative efforts of the Board." Read the full resolution proposal. Board discusses proposed election changes Staff Attorney Eric Schwartz reviewed House Bill 1060 and Senate Bill 749, which would alter the way members are elected to the Board of Education and provide the student member full voting rights. Mr. Schwartz reminded the Board that they opposed the bills last month because there was no public input. However, he said Del. Edith Patterson has offered amendments to her bill. Later in the meeting, the Board agreed to support Patterson's bill with the amendments she proposed as well as several other modifications suggested by the Board. Read the report. Resolutions The Board presented two resolutions: Month of the Young Child and National Student Leadership Week. Learn more about the resolutions. Student Recognition The Board recognized five students for excellence in personal responsibility, academic achievement and career readiness. Honored were:

  • Iris Golden, Grade 12, academic achievement, Maurice J. McDonough High School

  • Tobi Ojo, Grade 8, academic achievement, Milton M. Somers Middle School

  • Ioana-Iris Pangratie, Grade 5, academic achievement, Gale-Bailey Elementary School

  • Madison Owens, Grade 5, career readiness, Mary H. Matula Elementary School

  • Logan Boswell, Grade 5, personal responsibility, Arthur Middleton Elementary School

Learn more about the students' accomplishments. Employee Recognition The Board recognized five exemplary employees. Honored were:

  • Bethany Berkowitz, business teacher, McDonough

  • Monica Strobel, language arts teacher, Somers

  • Carolyn Scott, kindergarten instructional assistant, Gale-Bailey

  • Jennifer Malone, reading resource teacher, Matula

  • Janet Ryan, reading interventionist, Middleton

Read more about the staff members' achievements. Building Service Recognition Since CCPS closed schools a year ago, several groups of CCPS employees have continued working throughout the pandemic. Building service workers are among those groups. The Board honored CCPS building service workers for going above and beyond for students, staff and the community. Watch the video here. Public Forum The Board of Education has resumed in-person public forums. One person, Nicole Kreamer, spoke at the public forum. Kreamer expressed her disappointment and frustration with the handling of celebrations, or lack thereof, for the graduating class of 2021. Action items Minutes: The Board approved the public minutes from the Feb. 9 meeting and executive session minutes from February 9, as well as those created from prior virtual executive sessions. Personnel: The Board approved the Superintendent's recommendations for five certificated appointments, 13 releases without prejudice, two releases with prejudice and five retirements.

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